The Beehive Art Collective

The place where art comes to life. An old industrial building, renovated and converted to an art beehive, where artists live, create and showcase their work.

This building is a redesign of a similar one I had created for TS3, where we had Sims with more artistic skills and careers. In that version the studios included studios for photography, architecture, sculpture and fashion design. If these options return in TS4 at some point, I will update the studios. Until then, this is it…

Type  |   Residential
Value |  417,342$
Location |  originally located in Oasis Springs, Cacti Casa Lot
Lot Size  |   40×30
Footprint Size  |  38×28
Floors  |   2
Layout  |   living spaces  |   8 double bedrooms, 4 WCs, 2 bathrooms, 2 shower rooms, open plan   dining & living room, kitchen, 2 entertainment rooms (TV room + bar/music room)
Layout  |   art spaces  |   5 studios (architectural studio, authors’ studio, sculpture studio/ workshop, music studio, painting studio), 1 large gallery space, atrium with water surface & sitting / recreation areas
Interior  |   fully furnished & decorated
Custom Content  |   no CC

Game Version  |   TS4 Base Game, patch 1.0.677.20
Mods Used  |   “moveobjects” (link) & “unlockall” (link) cheats mods, created by TwistedMexi  
(if you do not prefer to add these mods to your game, the only thing that will happen is that some of the decor and furniture placement will be different than the original)

This building (as shown in the photos) is built on foundations of one step height. There’s a conflict with foundations and TwistedMexi‘s moveobjects cheat mod (although he/she has been doing a great job and trying to fix it). When foundations are on, the ground floor objects may move to your inventory when you install the Lot. So, for the time being this problem is fixed (in most cases) in this simple way:

  1. Download and install the Lot in your game.
  2. The Lot is saved with the foundations OFF.
  3. Place the Beehive Art Collective building in whichever lot you desire. All ground floor objects should be in their place (compare with the photos).
  4. Now if you want, turn the foundations ON (the default for this building is the lowest height / 1 step).
  5. Done! Enjoy the building!

The Beehive Art Collective, by nafSims