The “Old-meets-New” House

An old house brought back to life by contemporary architecture.

Type  |   Residential
Value |  52,650$
Location |  originally located in Oasis Springs, Raffia Quinta Lot
Lot Size  |   20×15
Footprint Size  |   17×13
Floors  |   2
Layout  |   1 double bedroom with bathtub, 1 WC, open plan kitchen/dining/living area, hall, study/library, outdoor sitting areas with water surface
Interior  |   fully furnished & decorated
Custom Content  |   no CC

Game Version  |   TS4 Base Game, patch 1.0.677.20
Mods Used  |   “moveobjects” (link) & “unlockall” (link) cheats mods, created by TwistedMexi  
(if you do not prefer to add these mods to your game, the only thing that will happen is that some of the decor and furniture placement will be different than the original)

The “Old-meets-New” House, by nafSims