Welcome to nafSims

Just a few words until the site is up and running…

This is a site for the Sims 4 game and more specifically for the built environment of the game. It will showcase my creations for the game, accompanied by descriptions, details and illustrations, so you can have the whole picture of each project. You will be able to freely download any project you like and use it in your own game. Read more about me and this blog in the about page.

what you will find here
There are 4 main categories and several subcategories for the contents of this site and are clearly marked in the top menu. These are:

  • Residential Lots: houses of various sizes and architectural styles
  • Community Lots: all types of community lots in various sizes and styles
  • Rooms: all types of rooms in various sizes and styles
  • Custom Content: mainly decorative and architectural objects to complete the Lots

what you will not find here
There are some things that sim players search for online, which you will not find on this site. This is because I am either not very good at doing certain things or/and I don’t enjoy doing them. Besides there is a huge database for these stuff online. So, if you are looking for any of the following you need to do a bit more searching:

  • custom content for your Sims
  • tutorials for technical aspects of the game or for building

future projects
If you have any suggestions or requests for future projects or posts, you can always contact me in any way this blog provides. A bit of inspiration or a challenge is something creators always enjoy.