Black & White Rug Collection

A collection of 20 Black & White Rugs in which the lack of color is compensated with texture and beautiful design.

This set is the second of a series of Rug Collections. See the first set of Art Deco & Art Nouveau Rugs here. More of them soon…

Type  |   Rugs
Location |  Buy Mode
Category  |   Decorative / Rugs
Value |  700$
Swatches  |  20
Footprint  |   2×4 tiles
Minimum Size  |   2×3 tiles
Maximum Size  |   4×5 tiles
Polygon Count  |   4/2

Game Version  |   must be compatible with all game versions (created with version
Created with |   Sims 4 Studio (link) – many thanks to the people who created and support S4S

Black & White Rug Collection, by nafSims


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